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EPRALIMA-Escola Profissional do Alto Lima, C.I.P.R.L.


EPRALIMA_Escola Profissional do Alto Lima, C.I.P.R.L., is a Private and Cooperative School, situated in the north of Portugal, in the District of Viana do Castelo and in the Minho Lima Region, more specifically Arcos de Valdevez, Ponte da Barca and Ponte de Lima.

Epralima focuses on vocational education, while offering Youth Educatio and Training Courses, Adult Education and Training Courses, and Specialized Technology Level V Courses.

Epralima prepares young people and adults for the exercise of qualified professions, by developing mechanisms that create closer ties between schools and economic institutions.

Epralima objectives:

  • Contribute towards youth and adult training by providing the appropriate skills required for qualified professionals;
  • Develop mechanisms which facilitate and promote the transaction between school and the labor market, preparing them for an adequate socio-economic insertion;
  • Provide students with solid socio-cultural, scientific and technological training;
  • Prepare youths and adults towards the exercise of a qualified profession;
  • Promote in conjunction with other local agents and institutions, the accomplishment of a training project for qualified human resources that responds to the developmental needs integrated in the country, particularly at the regional and local levels;
  • Recognize the skills of adults with an education level below secondary level, contributing, in this way, to increasing the skills of the local community.

EPRALIMA has also an extensive experience in transnational and communitarian projects.


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