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The 4th and last staff training event has just carried out online

A 3-day online training course to talk about needs analysis and to learn how to build a succesful MOOC

Due to the travel restrictions still in place for the Covid-19 pandemic and the peak of seasonal infections in Italy, the 4th short-term joint staff training event (TC4) has been carried out online, organised by Travelogue APS, from Marsciano (Italy).

From 17 to 19 January 2022, all the project partners connected at the established time, each with 4 participants (staff members and volunteers) of their organizational staff.

The aim of the training was the development of staff competences related to the construction of a common framework for planning in the future a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC), according to the target’s needs.

The issue is increasingly relevant, infact in the last two years throughout Europe and the world, due to the pandemic, we have had to adapt in carrying out many training and educational activities online, and it is more than ever necessary to develop skills to be able to do so in an increasingly effective way.

This is a summary of the rich training program:

  • Introduction on different types of courses and how to plan a learning course
  • How to read the learning needs
  • Report of the Learning needs’ analysis of the project’s target groups (AVI Umbria)
  • Presentation of the Self-Care Community project and the database for matching needs and competences of beneficiaries and volunteers in the social field (AVI Umbria)
  • How to build a quality MOOC: elements, structure and quality
  • Tools and platforms for online learning courses: exchange of good practices from the partnership
  • Practical exercise on the construction of a MOOC
  • Creation of shared guidelines for the implementation of online courses

Thanks to the use of different online platforms and digital tools, we accomplished a fruitful exchange of good practices and training.

You can have a look of all presentations, reports, practical exercises and outputs in staff and pros reserved area, reachable from here.


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