Last week in Marsciano, Italy: “Workshops to develop and enhance one’s skills”

From 28 October to 11 November 2021, the “Workshops to develop and enhance one’s skills. Tools for assessing skills and non-formal education” was held in Marsciano, Italy

Great satisfaction among the participants in the four meetings (two for each workshop session) of the workshop held at the headquarters of Travelogue APS in recent weeks, as part of the Erasmus+ project “Pro-Comp”.


The team of the local association has accompanied 9 learners, between men and women, to the discovery and to the valorization of their competences, in particular those informal or not-formal, are more aware of themselves and of their value in order to be better able to find employment.



Through practical activities for the testing of tools for the validation and recognition of non-formal and informal skills such as the graphic representation “From hobbies to skills”, the mirror interview, storytelling applied to the life’s line and thanks to the use of professional applications such as SWOT analysis and AKI-app has, everyone could create their own professional plan or a new curriculum vitae Europass.


The two groups of migrants, long-term unemployed people, temporary workers, students, people often excluded from the labour market because their non-formal and informal skills are not appreciated and formally recognised, actively participated in the meetings by sharing their professional and life experiences, creating added value to the workshop.


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