Online Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event organised by IMF – France

The second LTTA was held online by IMF – Institut Méditerranéen de Formation et Recherche en Travail Social, a Higher education institution and VAE Centre in France. It was organised before the blended mobility of adult learners, that was supposed to be the TC2.

The activity was addressed to the staff of the partner organizations: staff and volunteers of the participant organizations working in adult education, vocational training and guidance, competence assessment and recognition, peer counselors. The participants were 2 from Travelogue APS, 5 from Epralima, 3 from AIIJ, 3 from AVI Umbria and 4 from IMF; 17 in total.
The learning activity represented an important opportunity for the staff to develop their skills, combining methodology, theoretical, practical and experiential learning, sharing good practices, tools and working methodologies with colleagues working in the development, assessment and recognition of non-formal and informal competences.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The aim of this activity was to develop staff competences related to the system of recognition of non-formal and informal skills in France, as well as to improve the use of assessment tools, validation procedure, mentoring activity in order to lead adult target to an adequate professional and social inclusion opportunity.

Day 1 – Wednesday, May 26, 2021: Presentation of the Validation of Acquired Experience

  • Introduction by the IMF General Director Mrs Sarat
  • Presentation of the participants
  • Programof the 3 days of training
  • Overview of the VAE in France – 2 animated slideshows
  • Discussions with partners
  • Presentation of the VAE and tools at IMF
  • Discussions with partners
  • Instructions for AKI-App

Day 2 – Thursday, May 27, 2021: Identification of non-formal and informal skills

  • Introduction
  • Individual interview of a VAE support – L.Bourgine
  • Discussion with partners
  • Presentation of the IMF workshops with adult learners
  • Use of AKI-App on informal skills
  • Discussion with partners
  • Presentation of a resume and a plan career template
  • Discussion with partners

Day 3 – Friday, May 28, 2021: The impact of people’ skills development

  • Introduction
  • Experience of “Liveli by Sodexo”- Network of nurseries
  • Discussion with partners
  • Intervention of the Human Resources Manager at the IMF
  • Discussion with partners
  • Interview with “Domino” – Temporary employment agency
  • Discussion with partners
  • VAE in 3 words
  • Satisfaction questionnaire
  • Conclusion of the 3 days of training (Travelogue APS)

METHODOLOGY: The activity was led by professional trainers (experts of the competence recognition system) from IMF. During the online training, the participants have been involved in learning activities and workshops with specialists working in the field. In fact, the training has been organised using different tools and working methodologies: ppt presentations, demonstrations, videos, group discussions, workshop through the Aki-app.
The added value of the learning activity consisted in the possibility to observe and experiment the methodology, tools and activities of colleagues working in a different country, improving technical and professional instruments to work with adult target groups and consolidating their own skills. The materials used during the learning activity have been shared with all participants through the Freeedcamp platform for further studying and uploaded in the project website.

ACQUIRED COMPETENCES: Using tools for competence assessment, validation and recognition, assist adult learners in the assessment of their skills and competences and in the construction of a personalized CV and a Professional Project.

Discover the Aki-App:

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